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Temporarily Closed.

Friends, after doing last free meals for our NHS heroes this afternoon (21st March 2020), we will be closing until further notice. We’d like to thank all of you for your support and love that we have continued to receive in the last 6 years! Please do take care of your self and let this storm pass and we will resume Karmana soon.
Our humble request is please do continue to support small businesses. They are here for love and passion. They are the heartbeat of our high streets and the backbone of our communities.
If the situation changes, we may start takeout again. We will keep you updated here for any changes. Stay safe and support each other. Much Love 🙏 #flattenthecurve

This is a testing time for humanity in general so let’s take care of each other, keep calm and let this storm pass. 🙏

We highly appreciate your support at this time.



Welcome to Karmana, a concept created with love and earthly compassion for all living beings. We serve freshly cooked plant based food, all our dishes are made to order. Karmana uses super high quality ingredients.


What Kind Of Cuisine is Karmana?
Plant based (Sattvic) Food. We get our inspiration from around the globe in particular where plant based diet has been norm for generations.

Is your food Vegan?
Our default position is VEGAN including all our desserts, however we do offer some vegetarian options within our menu (cheese/Paneer or if you like ordinary milk/honey with your tea or coffee.)

Do you cater for special request & for food allergy or intolerance?
Ingredients used in the dishes can be manufactured in factories which handle other allergens. For this reason, allergen traces may be present in the dishes. OUR DRINKS/CAKES CONTAIN NUTS, SOY AND OTHER ALLERGENS.

Do you do deliveries?
Only via Deliveroo .

We also do takeaways: you can call us on 01604409999 order and takeaway (advance payment required when you place your first order, you can pay over the phone).

Is your Food Spicy?
We use Herbal spices in our cooking such as Ginger, Garlic, Turmeric, Cloves, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Onions etc not only for flavor but added health benefits too, if you like your food hot, please mention at the time of your order and we will use green chili to make it hot for you.

At Karmana we mostly play background music which is produced by local or independent musicians, if you would like to purchase a CD please ask at the counter, art work on our wall is created by our local artists. For price/details please see the label at the bottom of the art’s frame.

We are proud to host community and wellbeing activities such as yoga, reflexology, reiki, music workshops please check our Facebook page for daily updates. Every first Thursday of the month we host an acoustic music jam night.



Range of Vegan and Organic Wines, Beers and Ales Or You can bring your own and pay corkage £1.20 per person (please note we don't allow outside soft drinks)

(V) Vegetarian | (VE) Vegan | (VO) Vegetarian Option | (GF) Gluten Free | (GFO) Gluten Free Option

Our vegetarian Menu exclude all products that contain any meat, poultry, game, fish, shellfish, Eggs or any by-product of slaughter . This category includes recipes that contain dairy products & honey.

Our vegan Menu excludes all products taken from animals. These include any meat, poultry, game, fish, shellfish, by-products of slaughter or any foods that come directly from killing an animal, such as fats and gelatine. This category also excludes recipes containing dairy products, eggs and honey.

If you suffer from a food allergy or intolerance, please inform your server upon placing your order. Even if you have eaten the dish before PLEASE SPEAK TO CHEF so that extra care is taken while preparing your meal to help prevent cross contamination. and double check with chef before actually consuming. Our dedicated kitchen staffs are happy to help.

Prices subject to change without prior notice. Please check prices with the restaurant on 01604409999 before visiting or ordering.

Temporarily Closed. #flattenthecurve